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Welcome To Bastion Akademie
We are an elite South African based training academy that provide young, enthusiastic learners with a great opportunity to better themselves and become an elite operative. We provide each individual student the opportunity to gain direction for their future by providing specialised tactical training as well as protection abilities. We include the chance for our students to explore various locations, while teaching them how to be successful, dedicated, determined and confident people throughout their lives. We are the ones that offer you the opportunity to take the first step in your life, by providing you with both financial and job security. You will receive the most extensive and elite tactical security training, mentorship, coaching and placements that money has to offer.
What We Offer by Career Excellence

Bastion Akademie offers you the most extensive and elite security training program that any training academy can offer worldwide. We offer this at the lowest price and offer the students career placement opportunities at selected companies.

Start early with your dream career and discover yourself, while being guided by the top career alignment and planning experts.

The Concept

Through this tailored and unique concept we aim to secure your career excellence by combinding elite tactical training, discipline, outdoor adventure, career planning and alignment, mentorship and expertise. With the use of these resources, we are able to train our students to become a Risk Solutions Operative, i.e. the very best that the Global Private Security Industry has to offer.

Unleash your full potential, achieve career excellence, and outperform your peers.

This unique concept offers you:

• Career Security
• Exciting outdoor adventure
• Social Security
• Financial Security


Our Risk Solution Operatives are the most elite in the Private Security Industry, as they are intensely selected and rigorously trained by numerous specialists who served in various elite units such as the South African Special Forces Brigade, South African Police, Police Special Task Force, 44 Parachute Brigade, SAPS VIP Protection Unit, etc.

The students will train for 12 consecutive months so that they can acquire the ability to protect individuals, assets, interests, image, and reputation regardless of the location.

Did you know?   What We Offer by Career Excellence  
  • Less than 37% of school-leavers secure jobs?
  • Less than 6% of mankind follow their dreams?
  • Talented young people like you find inferior jobs overseas?
  • The Corporate Risk Solutions Industry is one of the fastest growing worldwide?
Being part of this program allows you to form part of an executive training programme in which you will be taught on how to conduct business ethically and professionally by practising these core values as business growth agents. These agents are called Risk Solution Operatives (RSO's) in which they do not necessarily have to go through the whole recruitment process due to the job security that Bastion Akademie provides and suggests.

For any more information, please don't hesitate to contact us
Business Owners: Would You Like To Reduce Your Personnel Costing and Have More Time Working On Your Business Rather Than In Your Business?
Own the Competitive Edge

Concerned about meeting your growth objectives amidst global economic difficulties? Hiring the wrong people will surely not only cost you valuable time and money, but may very well place the survival of your business amidst a global ecominc crisis at stake. Why not recruit people you know and know whom you recruit?

 Bastion Akademie takes the best qualities in our young people and shapes it to meet your growth objectives and to ensure that you own the competitive edge. We at Bastion Akademie are passionate about being the leading industry change agent, offering decision-makers like you “business growth agents” who truelly renders you peace of mind through:

  • Integrity. For your peace of mind and for you to know whom you recruit, all our Risk Solutions Operatives are rigorously selected and thoroughly screened according to international security standards throughout their 12-months training, the results of which, together with their score sheets, we make available for placement interviews.
  • Confidence. Besides the elaborate list of skills acquired from former members of elite military and police units through our rigorous 12-months Risk Solutions Opeative Training, all graduates are mentored and coached directly following the successful completion of the Risk Solutions Operative Training Programme by seasoned professionals.
  • Excellence. Besides the ultra-high standards to which all our Risk Solutions Operatives are trained to, we passionately work with you to minimise your personnel challenges by offering you persons who fit your needs, but also by means of training, re-training, mentorship and coaching which follows their 12-months Risk Solutions Operative training as part of an all-inclusive package which not only fits your budget, but which will definitely turn your personnel expediture into a clever investment.

Did you know that our Risk Solutions Operatives:

  • Are rigorously profiled and vetted?
  • Subjected to a Strict Code of Conduct?
  • Are on average 2 out of a 100?

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